Training a Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden retriever puppies are such appealing balls of fur, it’s hard to imagine that they could grow into dogs that are difficult to manage. They are intelligent and very eager to please, but the same traits that make them excellent sporting dogs can also cause problems. Proper Golden Retriever Training is the key to ensuring that this adorable creature will become a faithful and pleasant companion.

One of the most important things to remember is the seemingly obvious principle that unwanted behaviors must not be reinforced. The owner needs to train himself and the rest of the family to respond to wanted behaviors and ignore unwanted behaviors. This may be more difficult than it seems, but is vital to proper Golden Retriever Training.

It is natural to respond to a crying puppy, but this is not good Golden Retriever Training. Instead of petting and reassuring the dog when he whines, wait until he quiets, if only for a moment. At that precise moment, start praising him and provide a small reward.

The same principle applies to the common problem of jumping up. When the puppy jumps up, he is trying to get the human’s attention. Responding in any way will reinforce that behavior and interfere with Golden Retriever Training. It may be cute now, but it won’t be enjoyable when the dog weighs 65 to 85 pounds! Whenever the puppy puts paws on a person, he should be completely ignored. Pet and praise him when all four feet are on the ground.

Begin Golden Retriever Training as soon as the puppy comes home. Patient reinforcement and repetition will help the dog learn how to live happily with his new human family. Harsh punishment will only confuse him and make golden retriever training more difficult.

This is a large, high-energy dog that will become bored easily if not given a “job” to do. Golden Retriever Training for a sport will improve the bond with the owner and help the pup become a great canine citizen.

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