German Sherpherd Training Tips

German Shepherd dogs are one of the world’s most sought after companion animals. First bred in Germany during the late 19th century, the dogs are prized for their intelligence and strength. While these qualities make German Shepherds desirable as both family pets and service dogs, they can also make the dogs difficult to train. The following German Shepherd training tips make it easier for owners to raise calm, confident and well-behaved dogs.

German Shepherds Training must begin while the dog is still a puppy. The first of many German Shepherd Training tips that owners should understand is that behaviors learned during the early stages of life often carry over to adolescence and adulthood. While owners may not mind occasional jumping or nipping when it comes from a small puppy, they will certainly take issue when it comes from an 80-pound adult. For this reason, one of the best German Shepherd Training tips is to stop bad behaviors during the puppy stages before they become engrained in an adult dog.

Although powerful, German Shepherds are not naturally aggressive dogs. Attacks are most often due to poor handling and inadequate training. This is why it is so important to follow expert German Shepherd Training tips. Owners must socialize their dog to both other animals and humans beginning at a young age and continue training throughout life. Early socialization is one of the most effective German Shepherd Training tips because it teaches the dog to be comfortable and calm around others, limiting the risk of an attack.

One of the best German Shepherd Training tips is to be a strong leader. A naturally authoritative owner who can train confidently and consistently can easily train the sometimes strong-minded breed. A true pack leader shows the dog guidance and treats the German Shepherd as a dog, not as another person. Learning and understanding canine instincts is an important part of the training process, and owners should have a natural air of authority over the dog without instilling harsh punishments. These and other German Shepherd Training tips can help owners form a strong relationship with their well-behaved dog.