Dog Training Tips

Raising a happy, healthy dog would make any dog owner proud. However, training a dog can be frustrating and challenging. However, following certain dog training tips can help an owner mold a dog into the ideal pet. Following dog training tips can result in obedience, better socializing skills and being house-broken if consistency and commitment are utilized.

Aggressiveness, Violent Training

Many dog owners may find that their pets are stubborn and seemingly incapable of learning better behavior. Thus, either they train their dogs aggressively or not at all. Overly aggressive training is not the proper way to train a dog as it may result in the dog becoming aggressive/more aggressive defensively. Training a dog in a positive, non-violent manner fosters a better bond between the dog and owner.

Safety Training

It is important to train dogs for safety reasons regarding other people. Some owners possess dogs for the wrong reasons. They want a guard instead of a pet. The unfortunate part of is that a dog trained to fight other dogs or attack people will not only develop a ruined mentality, but the dog will likely attack its owner. On the other hand training a dog with love and care can naturally train a dog to protect its loved ones against harm (i.e., a burglar or attacker).

Obedience Training

Sometimes dogs are hyper and need training to calm down. For example, some dog owners have people-loving dogs that habitually and excitedly jump on everyone who walks through the front door. While it’s cute to see the display of love and fast-wagging tails as the dogs great their guests, it may also become annoying or frightening to those who aren’t dog lovers. Useful dog training tips that may correct this behavior are voice commands and/or hand signals.


Constantly cleaning up dog poop is dreadful and gross. Constant urinating into the carpet can leave a house smelling with an unpleasant odor. Moreover, these highly unsanitary habits can be hazardous because of the parasites. Therefore, training a dog to urinate and defecate outside is highly important. Dog training tips such as taking the dog for a walk or outside to roam frequently is a proven technique.

Separation Anxiety

Unbeknownst to many owners, a large number of bad behaviors stem from separation anxiety. Whether dogs are lonely, frightened or uncomfortable in some other way, they tend to destroy furniture, shred paper, dig, bite or bark in response to the lack of communication with its owner. These behaviors can cost the owner significantly if not corrected as soon as possible.

Dog Training Tips

The following dog training tips should be considered for a better experience with a better behaving dog:

•Start early. The earlier the owner begins training, the more effective the results
•Establish boundaries for unacceptable behavior every time
•Reward the dog for good behavior every time
•The owner should emphasize his/her role as the leader in the relationship
•Be consistent and persistent with training

Many shelters are filled with dogs that were sent to them due to bad behavior. Fortunately, this can be avoided by implementing dog training tips. With patience and commitment, a dog can learn to be the ideal pet.