Do you want to know about Yorkshire Training?

Yorkshire is a dog with so little size ,there are some that don’t weight out more than a kilo!, but it is explosive and full of energy. We are in front of an animal who always bark and jumps and twists and moves, it is like a little and exhausting tornado. Besides, that’s a breed that is unwilling to be submissive and obedient, what makes so difficult its training! So, how to make the Yorkshire Training?

Those dogs origin is in Britain, more specifically in the county of Yorkshire (the name of the breed comes from here, you can see). To Train a Yorkshire we must know that they won’t start to be, like other terriers, a hunter. The most part of the little dogs find their origins in the necessity to eradicate plagues, like rats, but not the Yorkshire: this dog was born just to be pampered. Yes it is! This breed started with the search of a dog with glamour, class and personality, a pet that the high society could display.

We are in front of an animal that exists only to be adorable and whimsical. With its little size and excitable personality, it becomes a dog whom everybody wants pamper. But beware! We cannot overdo it. There is not a worst error to educate a dog that bring it all the caprices we can imagine…It must to win them, and be overwhelmingly adorable is not enough. It’s difficult, I know, the dog is so charming and everything, but we must think that this is for its own sake.

Yorkshire is naturally restless, so excitable and has lots of energy. We must to understand that to educate it means that because of its capricious and sometimes dominant personality we must to be really strict with it, more than we would with a more docile dog. The yorkshire will not accept screams or hits, it will only accept a firm owner, so self-assured, an owner that never yield. If you say that your little and adorable dog do not go up the sofa, you never can allow. Never. If it finds a weakness it will take advantage of it and will turn a disaster…You must command, it must obey, that’s it.

So in brief, what do you must to do? Make the Yorkshire Training is not so different to educate a Collie, or a German Shepherd, or a Bulldog. You just need to be sure and firm, and most important: consequent. If you make a decision about the train (not to jump to the sofa, not to bark, come when you call…) you must follow it until the end. You cannot let it to change your mind with its adorable face. You can be indulgent and pamper it but with excess, and of course not when it commands: just when deserve. This is how you will gain a well-balanced and perfectly educated.

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