Tips for a good Miniature Schnauzer Training

Photo by: KRO-media

To make a correct Miniature Schnauzer Training you must bear in mind, first of all, that they are not like their cousins, Medium Schnauzer or Giant Schnauzer. The Miniature one has lots of similarities with terriers, specially in its behavior, but it has not the same origins or functions. We are in front of an animal with little size, quadrate proportions and a lovely but also mulish personality, things that you must take in mind to train it.

The Miniature Schnauzer born in the nineteeth century with the intention to create a breed like its namesake, the Medium Schnauzer, but with less size. To accomplish that the breed named at this time Wirehaired Pinscher (which is the old name about Schnauzer) was raised with another little breeds, like the affenspincher. So, at this manner was originated a new breed, with the intention to be a little guardian dog and a rats hunter, like the bigger schnauzers. So, to make a good Schnauzer Training we must to understand the internationalism of its origins: hunter the little and annoying animals like rats and rabbits, and alert its owner about the intruders.

Therefore, now we know that the Schnauzer is energetic, because, like every hunter, it should run and jump before its dam. Also we know that that’s an alert dog that will warn about every unexpected sound. They are some details that you must bear in mind to train it, because a dog that has facility to start to bark and jump can have problems to pay attention and learn whatever you want to teach. You must be patience. It will learn, of course, provided you act like a pack leader: you must be secure, calm and firm, without soften ourselves with its prances or stubbornness.

Never yield versus a dog, and of course never versus a Miniature Schnauzer. Like many other breeds, specially the most energetic and alerts, they tends to use the weakness to take the leadership , and that’s something that you cannot allow. Oh, that’s fine if it jumps up to the sofa even if you say “no”, and it’s ok if it barks for food until receive some, but what happens when it starts to nibble the furniture, destroy your shoes and even attack the visitors? We must to tackle any aggressive attitude starting by avoiding the dominance. We commands, and that’s all. You must to procure that it understands that, and the only way is showing to your miniature schnauzer that it must to do whatever you say, no more and no less. If you don’t want it on the sofa, keep it, bring it down, say “no” with firmness until it understands, and more importantly: reward it for NO jump on the sofa.

So briefly, you must to be firm and consequent. To the good Schnauzer Training you never can yield or it will take it like a weakness. You can be the leader, the alpha, so you will have the best dog of all.

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