The Labrador Training

To make a good Labrador Training we must to keep in mind that this is a dog maked to be gentle, so avid to make happy its owner. This is an animal with a compliant but vivacious nature, and it is eager to work. The labrador can adapt itself so well to every environment  but it has lots of energy, something that you must take in mind when you train it.

If you want to train your labrador you must know its origin, know why it born and which was its function, the function that with many years still endures in its instincts. At this case, we have a little imprecise origin, but the most probably is that Labrador started at Canada, more exactly at the city of Saint John, Newfoundland. Its ancestors may be the water-dog of Saint John, a mix about work dogs, and that results were mixed then with the littlest Terranova, so they could get a not-so-big dog, but strong, loyal and gentle. By this way we have those we know by the name of Labrador, with an elegant and slender shape and fur cream, black or chocolate. A few time later that breed was carried to England (that’s why some people think that those dogs are from here).

So, we have a work dog. As such, there was necessary a gentle personality, and a good disposition to the obedience and, of course, to be trained. It couldn’t be a dog that get tired so early, so the labrador has lots of energy that it must to be consume. This dog is, then, a docile and obedient animal that wants to be leaded to a job. This is what complete it: working. Labrador needs some tasks to do. It can pick your shoes or carry a bag with food and water when you go for a  walk. It just want to feel useful and that you you are proud.

With all that information on hands, how can you educate this beautiful animal? First of all you must know that this is one of the most easy-train breeds, just because Labrador want to be educate, want to obey and please you. You must follow the natural guide of the alpha dog, of course: be firm, secure, and consequent with your commands. Labrador needs a lot of exercise, too, so is good if you provide tasks and plays. By the way, those dogs enjoy the water, so if you have a pool, for example  or you can take your pet to the dog beach, it will be so thankfully.

If you follow my tips you will be capable to make a good labrador training without problems. That’s a dog so obedient and likes to work, so train it will be easy if you are firm and consequent with the training.

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