To train a Newfoundland dog

The Newfoundland is a giant dog, an animal that can measure 90 inches, not less, and weigh up to 70 kg. Although most of these gentle animals are black, the brown and white ones are also accepted. Its personality is known for its affability, making the training  very easy.

To train a Newfoundland understanding its origins is always good. In this case we find them in Canada, and its function, thanks to a strong complexion and thick hair was  to trawl nets, help to moor boats in the ports, and water rescue; these dogs saved lots of lives on the coast. It is also suitable for pulling sleds, and also a formidable fisherman. All this shows us the strength of this breed, its willingness to help and the great strength of this animal.

Its size and strength make it an excellent working dog, and its temperament, makes it the best pet you could ever have. The Newfoundland is docile and gentle (in fact, so much that it’s not a very good guardian dog), perfect for families and children. For its size it is difficult to have it in small spaces, so it’s not very suitable for apartments: the best for it is a large garden and a large lounge where it can enjoy human company.

Training it is not complicated. You have to follow some rules, of course, the dog can be the best in the world, but it has to be taught what to do and what not, like a child. We have to limit perfectly the rules that will govern their lives and learn through rewards when it obeys.

A routine is good for it: meals at the same times, daily walks… To educate a Newfoundland it’s always good that the animal knows what to expect, what will happen in its day. If you do it correctly, you will have the sweetest dog and loving of all.

Photo by: alicjap

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