Pug Puppy Training

Photo by: St Poe

The pug training is not as difficult as many people think. Yes, it gets easily distracted and it is a very funny dog. It looks like it likes the sound of human laughter, because it is always doing the clown. However, it is a quiet dog that is easy to trained, so that’s not a problem when you have one.

The pug lives quiet in flats and houses, of any size. It is clean and in fact even doesn’t smell a lot like a dog, something that surprises many first-time owners. It usually barks (and his bark is very serious, unusual for its small size) when the doorbell rings or there are visitors.

It is a good dog for the elderly and disabled, but don’t forget that it also needs its time of exercise; otherwise it will become sedentary, and it can even suffer from obesity. Like any dog a pug needs exercise, it loves companionship, but the truth is that it isn’t the most dependent dog.

When choosing this dog you should consider its needs. It needs a balanced meal, a bit of healthy exercise, daily walks, companionship and affection. This is what every dog needs to be healthy physically and mentally. It doesn’t always need attention because of its independence, but it is always willing to do everything to make its owner happy, ¡for sure!

In resume, to have a pug you not need to be a great athlete or have great notions of dog training, you need to be firm, and especially eager to have fun with your dog because this little friend is going to make you laugh.

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Mark Mendoza