Cocker Spaniel Puppy Training

Photo by: mikebaird

The Cocker Spaniel Training it’s not an easy task. This is a dog with great energy, that is constantly moving, whose attention tends to fade easily. You have to be very patient with this cuddly puppy. If you decide to train it, it will be the most loyal and loving pet in the world.

This breed is very popular in a lot of countries. Probably due to its affectionate temperament: the Cocker Spaniel is always willing to give its love and affection for its owner, no matter what. For this reason they aren’t the best guardians, if someone comes to harm us our dog may receive him wagging its tail and jumping up and down with joy before showing aggressiveness.

This is a dog that is very active and playful but a little destructive. It tends to pick on the furniture or clothes or shoes, the best thing is to have chewing toys for it. It isn’t very patient with children, so be careful about it.

To train this dog the best method is to praise it, or in other words, positive training. Use praises to teach it to do whatever you want. Sometimes just a touching it will make it the happiest dog in the world, so go varying praises. Find out what it likes to make the training more effective.

The Cocker Spaniel is a bit stubborn and easily distracted, so you have to be very patient. However it is not impossible to educate, it just takes patience. With love, exercise, strength, discipline and rewards you’ll get to have the most docile dog.

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