Dalmatian Puppy Training

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This breed is famous for its appearance, graceful white with black spots. Did you know that each pattern of spots is unique? That’s right: there are no two alike Dalmatians. But apart from that it is a breed that has many features that have nothing to do with its appearance, such as their high strength, speed, and energy. To Dalmatian Training, you need to know how it works.

The Dalmatian Training must be based especially on the exercise. This dog, ran alongside the carriages of the noblest families for centuries, first as guardians, and then as a status symbol. They have had other uses that exploited its large reserves of energy and stamina, as herding dogs and guard stables, so we know that it has to spend a lot of energy, and a dog with all that energy inside is almost incapable of learning anything: it will be nervous, hyperactive, and can develop destructive and even aggressive habits. All for not giving it the exercise it needs!

So the first thing to do is help your Dalmatian to spend this energy it has. Long walks and many home games are enough. Therefore this breed is not recommended for sedentary people, it is best for those who enjoy exercise and can go out with their pet for a run or spend the day walking in the countryside. But in any case, when your Dalmatian has already exercised, when you are used to a routine of walks and games wearing his energy and enabling it to be quiet, it will be time to educate it.

First make sure you have some basic rules. For example, can your dog get on the couch? Will you let it bit the legs of the table? Can it dig in the garden? Think carefully about what you want and don’t want your dog to do. These rules can’t change from one day to another; you should be firm and secure, something that your dog can stand. Got it? Then apply it. If you don’t want him to climb into bed, say “no” firmly, and when it stops doing it give it a praise. Spend ten minutes a day teaching it tricks, praising it when the dog does something right and ignoring him when it does wrong, to make it see what is right or not.

With exercise and the proper discipline for a dog of this strength, the Dalmatian Training will be easy. In resume you only need to exercise it every day, have rules of behavior that you can teach it, and take ten minutes a day to teach it tricks using praises when it does something good. If you do that it will be a easy and your Dalmatian will soon behave perfectly.

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