St. Bernard Puppy Training

Photo by: LadyV25

The Saint Bernard is famous for ITS role as a hero of people who have been trapped in the snow, with no possibility of survival, and have seen this great and gentle animal that has found and saved them. This animal has protected the lives of many people.

People also identify it  with a barrel of brandy around his neck, this liquor served to revive people who were on the verge of death because of the intense cold. And thanks to the film of Beethoven, this dog is also considered as a docile animal and tender and loving with children.

It is true that this is a breed that can be affectionate. In fact females are much, but not males, who are very dominant, with a personality more suited to guard dogs. That makes them one of the best for this job.

The Saint Bernard needs the training to start soon. Because of their behavior are usually a bit dominant with its owners, so as soon as possible it needs to be taught who the boss is to avoid bigger problems. It is usually very quiet, nothing destructive and even a bit vague, but you have to let the dog know who is the leader.

The Saint Bernard is definitely a good companion dog and even a better watchdog. If you start training it when it is little it will become the best companion and guardian, to protect your home and family even with its own life.

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Mark Mendoza