The Secrets of the Amstaff Puppy Training

Photo by: spiddeer

To train an Amstaff you have to realize that it isn’t a violent animal, as many people think, in fact there are a lot of breeds considered aggressive that actually are docile and affectionate dogs, and this is one of them: this animal is reliable, sociable and very faithful. It can be a killing machine, of course, everything depends on the education that we give it, and that’s why training is so important.

We know that this is a very energetic dog that always wants to play, but can also be a great watchdog. If we train it adequately to guard home and family it will be a perfect watchdog. It is very intelligent, which it’s important to us to educate an Amstaff, as a smart and faithful dog will be much easier to train. It will learn all that we want to teach it, as long as we act like a leader: We should be confident, calm and firm.

Never give in with a dog, and especially not with an Amstaff. It is common in races with this energy to be dominant and take the lead, but this is something that you can’t consent. It may seem permissible that it climbs the couch while you say no, and asks for food when it has already eaten, but what will happen when it starts biting the furniture, destroying shoes and attacking visits?

Avoid any starting aggressive dominance. You are the one who leads. You have to make it understand it, and the only way is by showing your dog that he will do what you say, and nothing else. If it can’t get on the couch, don’t let him, say “no” firmly until he stops, and reward for not climbing. Teach it to obey you. Make it do a lot of exercise too: a tired dog is more docile than one full of energy.

In resume, be firm and constant. To educate a Amstaff you can never give in, or it will take it as a sign of weakness. Be the leader, the alpha dog and you’ll have the best dog of all.

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Mark Mendoza.