All you need to know for the best Basenji Training

Photo by: fugzu

The basenji dogs are active and full of happiness: this breed does not bark, but it emits a song, like a bird, and also the smell isn’t like the smell of normal dogs, and its actually cleans itself as a cat would do, what means that we don’t need to bathe it so often. In its eventful childhood is restless, but quiet when it reaches adulthood.

The basenji was originally a dog tracker and hunter in the rough plains of Africa. It arose in Africa, as it’s clear, in fact there are sculptures in the ancient Egypt showing an animal really alike to this, what gives us an idea of how old is this breed.

This is a dog that doesn’t need much attention. In its puppyhood can be a bit destructive with furniture, and the best thing you can do is get him chewing toys. Moreover, it is not overly demanding of affection, and because of the absence of barking and smell this is very curious and appreciated pet. It is also good with children, although it is better to teach the kids that the tails of dogs shouldn’t be pulled tirelessly although it looks funny and cute.

The Basenji is a loving dog, active but not too much, so it is easy to educate if its training begins at an early age. Its peculiarities make it a very easy dog to train: just follow the logical rules of training, such as being strength, have well-defined limits, and praise appropriate behavior.

In resume, the basenji is a dog for large places, but also fits in small homes. It needs a solid education, limits, rules, a routine, company, and some patience. Go for long walks with one of these dogs it is very rewarding and healthy, provided you educate it correctly!

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Mark Mendoza