Educate your dog with a good Basset Hound Training

Photo by: MNicoleM

If you’re reading this article it’s because you probably have one of these wonderful dogs, and want to know how to give a good education to your basset hound. Well, there are many things you should know to train it good, things like physical characteristics of the dog, or how is the basset hound in its natural behavior.

The story explains how a breed is nowadays which helps us in their education. We know that the Basset Hound was developed as a hunting dog. It is made to track preys, and better than many of other dogs, because its smell is incredibly accurate. It can run after any prey, despite of its short legs. This means that we have a dog that not only has very accurate senses, but also a lot of energy, and sometimes people think it is stress, nervousness and even “evil”.

With all this information you know how it should be to educate your basset hound. First you must show strength and be sure of yourself. Like any dog, the basset hound will try to act as the leader if he sees that you are not what he expects from an alpha. It needs someone to lead it firmly, but that doesn’t mean you have to hit or scream at it.

You must be particularly constant, and never give in. Use dog treats to teach it the tricks you want. Take long walks, play a lot with it. It is also good to encourage it to track things; it is their nature to use their nose for everything. Hide a treat and make it look after it.

Of course, the education of a dog is not the easiest thing in the world. The great energy and stubbornness of a basset hound can also become frantic. Although they look sweet and tender and have a friendly personality, they also may have difficulties paying attention, so you should find what it likes and tempt it with it. Experiment with different things to attract the attention of your dog and keep training it. If you follow this tips you’ll give the best education to your basset hound.

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