Billy Training: the dog of the aristocracy

Photo by: pmarkham

Between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries the French aristocracy had beautiful white dogs as companions and as hunters. It is even said that King Charles IX was so attached to his dog that when it died it made the whole court to be in mourning. These dogs were about to die, but in the nineteenth century they were recovered.

In their ancestors there were a lot of dogs that now are extinguished, like the Larye the Céris and the Montemboeuf. The Billy was a great hunters, with quick reflexes, good strength and a perfect sense of smell. They were used in hunting hares, wild boars, following the hunters on horseback.

The Billy is a strong, muscular and elegant, very short and with hard hair dog. They are invariably white, although they may have spots, as light orange or lemon. Its temperament is fiery; it is a very brave animal and can run at full speed for a long time. And there’s something you should know before you get one of these dogs: it is barking dog.

To educate this dog you have to calm its high energy. The truth is that it is a very good companion dog: it is too energetic, and always wants to run, and needs a pack, and hunting. Still you can get, if you provided it plenty of exercise, games that allow increasing its hunting instinct (like chasing the ball or trace something) and a training it firmly enables it to feel safe.

If you want to have a Billy as a pet you have to give it a proper education. Otherwise it will go wrong. Luckily it is a very strong dog, so nothing will be too much for this bundle of nerves.

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