Poodle Mini Toy Training for a well educated dog

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The Poodle Mini Toy is the smaller version of the poodle, also named “poodle”. Like its bigger cousin, this dog possesses a lot of strength, vitality and elegance because of its origins and history, making it one of the most loved animals in high places.

The Poodle Mini Toy is an excellent swimmer and also enjoys running. It’s athletic, but where it feels better is in the cities. It’s fast and the word that best describes this dog and the biggest poodles always will be “smart”. It is also a very intelligent dog, so that the Poodle Mini Toy Training won’t be that hard. Did you know that it is in second place in the average intelligence of the more than one hundred different breeds?

This dog is very attached to its family, very dedicated and caring. It’s good for families, and perfect for kids, but only if you properly educate it, you give it the right incentives and let it live with you as long as possible. It is an animal that can’t be left alone for a long time: they fall into depression and may die of longing.

Of course, not everything is perfect in the Poodle  Mini Toy  Training! Keep in mind this is a very barking dog, especially when it is alone, they are very anxious, and don’t accept aggressive education models at all. You can’t scream at it, because the dog won’t hear you. It is also a bit destructive with the objects in the house, so it’s good to give it many chewing toys and teach our dog to use them. So you will save your furniture!

The Poodle Mini Toy is also perfect for small spaces such as apartments or flats small thanks to its small size. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to go out, but it is true that its activity level is very low compared to the activity of their other cousins.

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