Educate you dog with a proper Bedlington Terrier Training

Photo by: Cloganese

Like all terriers, the Bedlington Terrier has a strong hunting instinct. With an history of hunting rabbits and other small animals, and also used as a fighting dog, this animal is strong, stubborn,  and likes to chase preys and defend themselves if it feels threatened. You will need a good Bedlington Terrier Training to control this dog.

The first thing of the Bedlington Terrier Training is a good socialization, especially with other animals. Otherwise it could chase the cats down the street, or in your own home! Not to mention rabbits, rodents and even birds. Its hunting instinct is very strong. Despite of its friendly look, this is a dog that must be controlled very well, it is not recommended for homes with other animals, for sure.

Another distinctive feature of the Bedlington  Terrier is digging. As originally hunting burrowing animals it is in their nature to dig everything in search of a prey. It’s good to put up a place for him to dig all it wants, like a bed of sand or something, if it’s not possible, then you have to teach it not to do it, but you have to be very patient.

It is also a very barking animal, making it a great alert dog. Its size isn’t good for a guardian dog, although they can alert their owners of any problem. But you have to teach the dog to bark only in specific situations, or the neighbors might give you problems.

Luckily the Bedlington Terrier is easier to train than other terrier dogs, because it isn’t so independent and dominant, but you have to use the method of the praises, be firm and patient, and give him plenty of exercise to be tired. Don’t scream at it or hit it, because as any dog it knows how to turn against any aggressor.

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