Dog Training: Dogs like to dig

dog digging

If you have a dog it is quite possible that you have discovered one of its biggest pleasures: digging, digging, and digging holes around the whole garden. It is one of the favorite pastimes of our canine friends, and especially for those dogs who are more energetic, the Nordic ones, the hunters, and the Terrier. ¡And it’s not just that they like it! In fact it is also good for them, gets rid of the stress and reduces the energy levels, but…we all know that it isn’t funny to see a lot of holes in the garden, so to control it we have to appeal to the dog the Dog Training.

Traumatic experiences cause stress in dogs, and not all need to seem bad; a movement, unknown people, a lack of attention, a new member in the family or just loneliness, all this things and a lot more can cause nervousness to your pet, and bring it to want to vent. Some dogs chew furniture, others destroy shoes, and others…dig holes. Luckily you can reduce this behavior to make it be less destructive if you give it one corner to dig happily.

First and the most important to control this habits is to find the right area to let it enjoy the digging without fear of being reprimanded. A sandbox for children, such as the ones in the park, or a concrete place in the garden are good choices for this. The point is to have this place for the dog to dig without destroying your property, and teach it to dig holes there. How? It’s not difficult!

To begin, bury not too deeply some toys or bones in the place you have chosen. Play with your dog, dig with your dog to find the hidden treasures; you will realize how much fun it has, especially doing this with you and not alone. So it learns what you think it’s good for it to dig, but don’t forget: now it’s the moment that when you see your dog doing it in another place you need to tell it firmly “¡no!” and take him to the place where the dog can do it. It will get used to it and it will see where it can dig holes and hide toys, and were don’t.

Naturally it won’t be an immediate change despite of how much good dog training the dog receives. If your dog digs everywhere you will have to be patient and be prepared to cover holes, but with a little will and wanting to see your pet enjoying it you can be sure to achieve it. Just find a cornet for it and watch how happily it buries its toys and digs holes in the place you tell it. The dog will thank you in the best way it can: adoring you.

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Mark Mendoza