The best moment to train puppies

training puppiesYou’ll have a dog. Surely it is a puppy, because we all want puppies. They are so small, so cute, aren’t they? And we think that it is always better to have it with us from little, to mold it to our customs and norms. Well, that’s exactly what it needs to be done, but you know how to raise a puppy?

You have to know that the best time to educate puppies is … The moment it gets home! Since the first moment you have to begin its training. So my recommendation is to always be informed before you know how to act, how to react and what to do to educate it. Failures now are bad habits later, and although a dog learns throughout its life, it is always best to avoid the mistake and to be corrected, don’t you think?

Your puppy comes home, then. It is a new place and it is excited, nervous, maybe a little scared. But don’t harass it. Let him become familiar with their new surroundings. Don’t chase it no matter how lovable the puppy is wandering around, looking at everything. Let it explore at your leisure without being watched by you … but yes: start putting your standards. You won’t want your dog to urinate anywhere, if you see that it does, take it immediately to a place that is right for that, like a litter box for dogs, for example, and when it does its things there, praise your puppy profusely with goodies, and compliments. It will understand that this is good.

A puppy has less attention capacity than an adult dog, so it’s normal if it’s not very concentrated while you try to teach the puppy tricks. Leave that for later, it will be enough if it learns its name and comes when called. Teach it the other house rules until it is about five or six months: where to sleep, when it gets to eat, how to behave on the walks … Be careful! Don’t make it do heavy exercise. As he grows it better not do more than the necessary, or may suffer complications later.

Resuming: how to raise puppies? Be firm, put your rules, and teach him from zero. Don’t want to spoil him too much, especially if it is scared or nervous, praise him with your love when it does something well, so that it knows it has to win things. That will set the stage and you can train it to perfection, getting the best educated dog you can dream about.


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Mark Mendoza