Dog Training: the socialization of a puppy

Puppies in their earliest years, between eight and twelve weeks, absorb information like a sponge, learning actually everything, and they even want to learn everything. So it is very common to see the new puppy in the house running around, sniffing every corner, nibbling each object that gets in its way, and you have to let it do this: it is its learning method. What is priming? It is the part of the dog training where the puppy is open to all kinds of external stimulations, and that is when we must do the socialization.

The socialization, in the dog training, consists basically in teaching it to live and interact with all kinds of creatures and objects, exposing it to the most stimulations, always in a positive way: it’s the moment to present it to the extern family, friends, dogs, cats, and all kind of animals, and different surfaces too, like marble, wood, stone, sand, and even toys.

Neighbors and friends want to meet you new puppy, right? Let them do it, but try to warn them not to be very anxious. The puppy is ready to meet everyone, but it’s better if it doesn’t get overwhelmed. A very good thing to do is take it for a walk (but be careful, because it won’t be vaccinated) and ask people you meet if they are so kind to give it caresses and be loving with your new puppy, to let it learn to not fear unknown people; it is also a good moment to teach your dog to walk with loose strap, something that improves substantially the walks.

If you have the opportunity, at this time take your puppy for a ride in the car to get used to engine noise, movement, etc, and even, if you can, a small plane ride, visits to the vet … All stimuli, everything that is going to be necessary along the puppy’s life.

If you want to avoid future conflicts, dog training is absolutely necessary, and socialization, even more. A well-socialized dog will have fewer behavioral problems, will relate better with other dogs, animals, people and objects, and if you add to that a good education it will be the perfect pet for any home.

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Mark Mendoza