The best Bobtail Training

Photo by: tortadeaceite

With that big appearance, disheveled and easygoing, the Bobtail is exactly what it seems like: a very calm dog, sweet and loyal, a great family man, very tolerant, able to withstand all of the little’s jokes with the patience of a saint, docile and loving every time. It’s like a big nanny… but for a good behavior it is always better to give it good Bobtail Training.

The Bobtail has its origins in England, although it was probably brought from Europe and then crossed with the English Mastiffs, and its function was to sheepdog and cattle, leading herds in rural and poor areas in the nineteenth century in England. It tells us a lot about the breed, such as that it has a lot of energy and it is used to follow orders to herd the cattle. For a proper Bobtail Training we have to understand its instinct, and know that it is a faithful and obedient dog.

To educate this breed the first thing to do is to be consistent, we must mark from the beginning its behavior limits, and let it know what is right and what is wrong…and, of course, what is good today can’t be bad tomorrow or backwards, no matter how much the dog begs and puts us a cute face.

Otherwise, it’s good that it does exercise, and consumes that energy. If it shows any sign of aggressiveness, unusual feature in this breed, you have to avoid it immediately. Don’t yell or hit it, aggression never works well as a training method: there is nothing as effective as being affective and giving rewards.

With all this information the Bobtail Training will be easy. Have always in mind that this dog can tolerate everything, ¡but don’t let the children pull him the ears all the time! And get it used to accept the unknown people that come to visit, so that there are no problems; for that, there is no better thing than good socialization.

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