Training a Shy Dog

Do you have a shy dog? it seems like your precious new puppy is afraid of everything, it doesn’t get near to people and doesn’t seem to be too prepared to socialize? In every litter there is a very sociable dog and even dominant, and another one that is the opposite, shy and lonely and may even seem sad. This dog should be trained in a different way, giving it correct dog training for it and its nature.

If a  shy dog is not  trained correctly when it grows up it will become extremely dependent of attention and cares, trying to get help in every single situation, even with the simplest things. There are people who want this dependence, but it is a problem when the animal, when it doesn’t receive exactly the needed attention at some point, it could become aggressive, and not because it asking for attention, but because if it doesn’t get that attention the dog will be afraid. That’s the reason why a dog training against fear and excessive shyness is so necessary.

If your dog shows signs of  shyness or fear you have to be patient and make it see that it doesn’t need your protection for these things (a visit, another dog, the car horn); and that in fact you are not going to protect it. Yes, I know it’s hard, but it is the only way to teach your dog. The best thing you can do is not to go near, talk or touch it when the dog barks, cries and hides because it is scared; you have to ignore it.

I know it’s hard. You see your puppy looking at you with those big eyes, crying because of the truck horn scares it, and you want to go there and embrace your puppy like you would do with a child, but it is not a child, it is a dog, and it needs to be treated according to its nature. The dog cries because once it got scared and you ran to touch it, telling your dog, without even knowing it, that  it is okay to be scared of that. Now you have to fix it: you have to make him understand that the truck horn, a visit or the barking of another dog aren’t relevant things, there should be nothing to be scared of, and the only way to  fix this is to ignore it when your puppy has these fears, without touching or screaming at it, and praising it with the whole attention when it is calm.

The dog understand that the attention is a reinforce. If you pay attention to the calm, he will understand that this is the right thing and will try to repeat it. If you pay attention to the fear, he will think that it is what he has to feel in similar situations. This is the base of the dog training: your attention reinforces an attitude…any attitude.

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