How to give your dog a good Beagle Training

Photo by: Chris2907

If you are reading this article it’s because you have one of this wonderful dogs, and you want to know how to train a Beagle correctly. Well, there are lots of things that you have to know to give it good Beagle Training, things about its physical features, or how the personality of a Beagle is, and even it is possible that its history helps you to understand how it functions to train your dog better.

We know that the Beagle has developed hunting motives. It is made to track preys without stopping, between trees and bushes, which makes us know that it has an incredibly accurate smell. It is also interesting that the Beagle can run after the prey, even next to a galloping horse. This all means that this is a dog that not only has accurate senses, but also a large amount of energy, what sometimes people mistake with stress, nerves and even badness, but how can we give  a good Beagle Training, with this information?

First of all you need to be firm and sure of yourself. Like any other dog, the Beagle will take the role of the leader if it sees you are not enough. This dog needs someone who leads it firmly, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hit or scream at it; in fact, it would be counter productive. No, you have to be consequent, and never give in. Use dog treats for every dog trick that interest you. As a breed, the Beagle has a lot of energy, like I’ve said, and that’s something to have in mind: you have to wear it a lot. Take it for long walks, play a lot with your dog. It is also good that you make it track things; it is in its nature to use its nose for everything. Hide a treat and make your pet look for it. You could teach it to search and bring any kind of things if you do it right: you could even make your lovely pet bring our own slippers when you come back from work! But just if you don’t care that they end a bit wet.

Of course the Beagle Training isn’t very easy. The large amount of energy of a Beagle could turn you frenetic. It is possible that it has problems to pay attention, that’s why you have to find what your dog likes and tempt it with it. If there are treats of a specific flavor, get them! If it’s a toy, use it. Try with different things to get its attention and that it doesn’t get distracted. If you follow these tips I assure you will train your Beagle with no big difficulties.

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