Dog Training: Avoid Dogs’ Jealousy of the Baby

Photo by: Sébastien GARNIER

If you’ve got puppies, at some point, it is possible that you have realized that they love to be the centre of attention in the house. Unfortunately, when a new member joins the family, like a baby, there can be problems of envy even though you try to avoid them during the pregnancy. It is possible that your dog gets used to bad habits like barking, or becoming destructive with the furniture of the house. The best thing to do is to be prepared for that and train your dog to avoid these kind of problems that could end up being a risk for your child.

Here are some advices:

1.  When you take the baby home it is a good idea that your dog has gotten used to the idea of having children inside the house, so that he doesn’t think that they are toys. Start by setting a routine with a doll, as if it was a baby: put it to sleep, cradle it…So that your dog sees this changes and gets used to those kind of progressive changes, because you have to pay special attention to that “little” and new family member. Train him to obey your orders even in front of the “baby”, like to stop, sit or come. Leave the doll on the floor, near the dog, to train him to behave well around it.

 2.  Get your dog used to be near children, take it to parks and public places where there are lots of kids running and playing. But of course be sure that it has the dog collar very tight so that it can’t escape, but let your dog walk freely, so it is good that the leash is about six meter loose. Ask for help to the parents to let their children come near to your dog and be lovely with it, to get your dog used to it.

 3.  Have the room of the baby prepared in time before it arrives, with all the furniture and accessories. Let your dog come in and smell everything under your supervision so that it gets familiarized with all the stuff…and that knows what is allowed, like jumping to the baby’s bed, for example. If he tries to do it prevent your dog firmly to do it, but without being agressive.

4. If you try to socialize your dog with the children, but it shows aggressiveness you have to get in contact with a professional. Don’t give your pet in adoption because of the arrival of your child; try to make your dog behave better in any circumstance.

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