Golden Retriever Training: Know the behavior of the Golden Retriever

Photo by: rkleine

The Golden Retriever finds its origins in England, in 1850, by Lord Tweedmouth with the intention of recovering prey on land and water. Its ancestors aren’t very clear, but it is the result of multiple mixes that brought us to this breed.

The Golden Retriever is a calm and serene dog. We are in front of a homely, calm, patient with the children and a fantastic follower dog. He hasn’t a destructive nature and he doesn’t bark with no reason, but he is neither used to digging holes in the garden or likes to escape. Because of its size some people feel intimidated by it, but in fact this dog is very sociable and sweet; it isn’t a good choice if we want to train it as a watch dog, it is too tender and friendly.

The Golden Retriever is a perfect dog for beginners that don’t know very much how to train a dog. In resume, the Golden Retriever Training is very simple, because it is always ready to learn more and make its owner happy. We have to set basic firm rules and be consequent with our acts, and also give it a little bit of exercise, and it would be enough to train perfectly our faithful friend.

Thanks to its tenderness and patience proper of the Golden Retriever, there is a huge amount of institutions that use them in rehabilitations, especially for kids, older people and people with mental or physic issues. The sweet and lovely presence of this dog helps people to feel better, and that makes their own treatments better.

The behavior of the Golden Retriever is really good, perfect for beginners and equally experienced. With a sweet, dependent and lovely personality, with an infinite patience and the need to make its owner happy, we only need to give him the proper Golden Retriever Training to have the best dog in the world.

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