For a good Akita Training

The Akita, also known as Akita Inu, (what literary means “dog of akita”) it’s origin is  from Japan and was used for hunting big animals, like bears, and later was used by the samurais as a defense and attack dog. Nowadays, in Japan the Akita is considered as a national dog, and in 1931 turned to be a National Monument. Having one of these dogs it’s considered an honor and a nobility sign. In fact, they consider it as a lucky charm of prosperity.

Refering to its attitude, there are few dogs more regal than the Akita. It is a reserved animal that doesn’t bark very much, and that has a balanced and firm nature . If you know something about the old samurais, you will understand what I say: it is the perfect dog and the perfect samurai. He doesn’t trust unknown people, it is very affectionate and faithful to its family, and the best watch dog. In fact, it has a very protective instinct.  How to give your dog a good Akita Training?

The Akita gets along with children and lets them do whatever they want. It can be really inseparable from the little ones, disposed to protect them of everyone no matter what, even if it could cost its own life. There is nothing you have to worry about with an Akita near your child. But it can also be very dominant with other dogs, that’s why your puppy needs a good Akita Training and an adequate socialization so that it can get along with all kind of animals.

Despite of everything, although the Akita is one of the most faithful and protective dogs, there are countries, like in Spain, where they consider the Akita as a dangerous breed. I say that they aren’t a dangerous breeds: there are dangerous owners.

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