Dog Training: My dog ignores me in the Street!

 In this article I will talk about the attention that dogs put on their owners when they walk on the street. It is very common to see dogs that don’t pay any attention to their owners when they go outside at the street, even though at home they are the most obedient dogs and can only think about being near their owners; then they go out and can’t stop wandering, ignoring their owners, stretching the leashes, smelling and searching for everything.

Why does your dog do that? Well, the truth is that finding itself out there gives it a new world full of possibilities and things to discover: new smells, colors, objects, and even dogs and animals. Everything attracts it, smelling a flower, a tree, or even the street. There is a new world to explore! What can be better than this?

And what’s the reason for this behavior? There is an early age in the dog puppyhood, called “primer”. This is the perfect period for the dog to socialize: making contact with new places, grounds, animals, people, smells, noises… But the problem comes when this exploration becomes the biggest pleasure for dogs, specially during the walks, so that it turns to be an awaited habit.

If you don’t have this problem yet, good! It is the best moment to prevent before it’s too late. You must be the all pleasures source for your dog: you have to play with him, during the walks and at any other moment, rewarding him for giving its attention to you. If it goes after a new smell, you move away from it, so your dog must to search you; then you can reward it if it finds you. Your dog will always be waiting for you to reward it with all your love.

But there is something to admit…And it is that if your dog already has this problem, there is not much you can do. Although I’m not very used to say that, this time I recommend go to a professional, because dogs who have the instinct to go after everything are difficult to control… But you can also try it, of course! Try taking it with the leash and stop every time that your dog wants to smell something; don’t move until it comes back to you, and then give it a reward , to make it see that this is the right behavior. It is probable that its behavior changes because of the rewards, and stops ignoring you in the street!

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Mark Mendoza