Boxer Training: The myths of the Boxer breed

About the Boxer breed people say lots of things. Because of its origins as a watchdog in the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century this dogs were started to use as fighting dogs, making stronger the belief that they were terribly aggressive.

Everything is false. In fact, the Boxer is one of the most docile and faithful dogs. All what these dogs need is a good Boxer Training. Generally it is very temperate, calm and balanced; and relies a lot on its owner. It is natural in this breed an unquestionable loyalty and a constant protection of the house and the family. It is a very protective dog and will always defend their loved ones no matter what, thing that makes him one of the best watch dogs.

With the family is inoffensive as a baby, willing to let others do whatever they want to him. It is very tolerant with children, friendly while playing and very careful, but it doesn’t trust unknown people. It is clean, good and full of strength.

This is a dog that isn’t aggressive by nature; in fact it is very calm and aware. Of course, he will defend its family, especially if it’s trained as a watch dog, but he won’t attack without any provocation. This is a calm and sure animal.

Despite of everything, the Boxer is a dog that can suffer some healthy problems, like hip dysplasia, or gastric torsion, and this it is one of the breeds with less life expectancy; and that doesn’t deserve all the myths that are imposed to him. Just give him the right Boxer Training and you will have the best dog of all.

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