Dog Training: Use paper


This part of the dog training is essential to avoid that your dog does its things in inadequate places. In other words: he can’t be without supervision in places where he shouldn’t do his needs, at least until he is totally educated. This isn’t the best way to teach him to not mess with the house, certainly, but it is effective when you can’t watch him the whole day. It can also be useful if you live in an apartment and you can’t take him out, at least, three times a day, so that he has its own bathroom at home. Primarily you need an adequate room for puppies: big enough so that its poop doesn’t get mixed with its food and its bed. There is no need that the place is totally closed, you can use adjustable doors: he won’t feel so lonely if you don’t supervise him. The puppy will have to be in that room while you don’t supervise him. Leave him toys to bite, its bed and water, also the food if you will be out for a while.

Put three or four papers on the floor. The whole floor. The dog will be free in this room and will get used to do its needs on those papers; this is why it is called “paper training”. With time you will see that your puppy prefers concrete places to do its needs, so that you will be able to start reducing the area, first taking away the ones that are far. Don’t hurry to much, but put away some papers every day. If you see that he has pooped on a place without papers, it means that you took the papers that where there too fast, which means you’ll have to put them back. When your puppy starts getting used to a little area, start moving the papers where you like, but a short distance every time, and never near the bed, the food or the water. Sooner the dog will learn where to do its needs, but if he is less than six months old, could not control himself for a long time.

Remember: the room adequate for dogs is just for those times when you can’t supervise him. Spend the most time you can with him to help him with its education and give him company and exercise. The more time you spend with him, the more you will be able to dedicate to its active training, and the results will be better.

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Mark Mendoza