The perfect Papillon Training

Photo by: andreaarden

We are in front of a little dog and that doesn’t weigh very much; it is one of the few breeds in which females can weight more than males, they can even weight up to five kilos. Although it’s most common name comes from the French word “papillon,” which means butterfly, it is also known as Espagneul Nain Continental, or a Continental Toy Spaniel, making an allusion to its origins in the European continent. For good Papillon Training we have to keep in mind its personality and its nature, so we will provide the dog with the best possible education.

Well, we know that there are similar dogs represented in French, Italian and flamenco paintings between the XXII and the XVI century. The truth is that there were not many animals like this, a reduction of the typical Espagneul from that time that worked as a lap dog for the nobility that soon became one of the favorite of the French nobility.

Regarding personality, the Papillon is a playing dog, funny and happy. Sometimes it can sometimes be a bit bad with unknown people, it’s nothing that can’t be solved with good Papillon Training and socialization. If your Papillon likes to bark, you have to keep in mind that you need to control its attitude if you don’t want to be waken up early in the morning because of a baking concert. This breed likes to feel admired; it helps to train him better. It is a good idea to educate him because he could develop a habit of biting.

You want to educate your dog? Good decision! It is a breed that enjoys of the admiration and exercise, but it isn’t particularly obedient, and that’s why you have to make the dog realize that what you are going to make him do is the right thing, and that it will give them rewards. The mechanics are very simple: you have to reward every good behavior and when it does something bad, tell the dog not to do it. This way the dog will learn what is best, and it will start to repeat this behavior.

Papillon Training is easy; it is enough to understand that it want to feel praised and admired. Taking care of a Papillon doesn’t have too much mystery involved: it isn’t a dog that gets sick easily, although it could suffer patella luxation, and because of its fine skeleton could suffer bone fractures, but other than that it is a strong and healthy dog that you will enjoy for sure.

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