Dog Training: Dogs assaulting your visitors


Today we are going to talk about a very common problem for lots of people. This has happened to you at some point for sure: your dog is jumping on the people who visit you, and barking like crazy. If it is a Pug, a Bichon or a Yorkshire it is fine, but it is a real problem when it comes to a German Shepherd. This attitude needs to be stopped with a good dog training that avoids possible problems, like a person falling down or a child getting hurt, just because the dog is happy and excited. The origin of the problem has to versants, and both of them are equally important. First of all, when the dog jumps it receives a lot of attention; sometimes the visitor laughs and touches the dog, and in other occasions the owner screams and tells the dog that its behavior is bad. Secondly, it’s  also common for these dogs to have an excess of energy; the dog needs a lot of exercise that lots of owners don’t give him, so the dog keeps all that energy inside and becomes really nervous, exploding at the slightest opportunity…like, for example, a visit.

 To avoid this problem won’t be easy and the most recommended thing to do is that you have help from some volunteers, friends, neighbors or familiars. The first and the most important thing, is to give a lot of exercise to your dog. It is necessary that you help the dog to exhaust all natural energy with long walks and lots of games. You can even train him to do interesting things like bringing your  keys or turning the lights on and off. The most important part is that your dog is tired and relaxed, and for that, the dog needs an exercising routine, healthy food and a good amount of discipline, three important things for a good dog training. Now it comes the moment when your need volunteers. With your pet already tired and an exercising routine settled, it is time that with no warning the volunteers start coming over as if they were visiting. It could be possible; in fact it would be perfect, that your dog was relaxed and didn’t want to jump over anyone, so that it greeted waggying his tail or looking for some petting in a friendly way. However, he might do it anyway  becaused its used to it, because the dog has learned that’s the way to gain more attention. Well, the idea is that when the dog jumps on a visit, everyone ignores it. So the dog will see that it isn’t going to receive any attention with that attitude. When the dog stops jumping, starts asking itself what is happening, then you can touch it and pay attention to it.

It is possible that at first this doesn’t works, even the second time it still doesn’t works, but the dog will end up understanding that jumping on a visit doesn’t provide any praises, and when it acts calmly he will get the attention he wanted. Finally you will have a dog that will no longer jump on visits and this will avoid any kind of future problems; just with a good dog training and lots of patience.

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