Basic Training for a good dog


The dog training is a wide discipline full of nuances. You can train a dog so many things that is almost impossible to count; there are so many tricks, so many behaviors and habits to teach them, including to train them to participate in lots of contests where they can show their marvelous training…You don’t need to teach your dog how to dance, but I recommend to give it a bit of Basic Training.

What is a Basic Training? It’s just the behavior pattern that will let you to coexist adequately with your dog. This includes the house habits, lots of things that you don’t want it to do, and others that you expect it do. Ask yourself, what do you expect from your pet?, from a dog that will be with you for the rest of its life.  Of course, there are some habits that you need to avoid, like unpleasant “presents” on the floor, don’t you think? To avoidt these problems you must to give a good Basic Training to your dog.

Everyone train its dog as they think its convenient, but I make some recommendations, just the basics to keep a good home living together, and more important: to keep the dog safe. Surely, the basic training can save your dog’s life, if it is well done, because you can prevent, for example, that your pet chases a cat down the street and be run over by a car, that fight with another dog or even eat something poisoned.

And what do you must teach to your loyal friend to keep it safe and with an ideal coexistence? Here I put you a list:

–       The command “come” and its name. Your dog must to come when you call it, whatever the circumstances are. It’s very important.

–          To “make its things” in the street or in the assigned place. Choose a place at home, like a sandbox for dogs or a corner with newspaper, for your dog to make its things if cannot resist, and teach it to make them here.

–          Chew its own chewable toys. Show it that you like it when its chewing its own toys, and not biting your cloth!

–          Don’t eat anything out of its plate. Your dog must to learn that the only good food is on your hands and on its own plate, nothing more, so you will be sure that it will not eat anything bad or poisoned.

This is the basic training that your dog must receive to be safe and avoid lots of problems for its own security and coexistence. Of course, there are lots of things to teach it that may attract you: don’t jump on the visitors, don’t bark, don’t be aggressive with other animals…But these are the basics, no more. Only four topics, four notes that you must train your dog for its own good, and yours.

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Mark Mendoza