For a good Cairn Terrier Training

This animal is a little dog, compact, very agile and with a lot of resistance, with a lot of thick hair. It doesn’t mind being outside even if there is bad weather, but, of course it prefers staying inside of the house, as everyone! It is a healthy dog with a lot of energy as its like with every other terrier, the Cairn Terrier Training is very important.

This dog has its origins in the Scottish Highlands, where it hunted animals like foxes or rodents. The origin of its name comes from its primary use: in Scotland they used to cover the tombs with stones called “cairn”, and this animal dedicated most of its time to hunt the animals prowling near them. For Cairn Terrier Training we need to have in mind this information, because this indicates us how and why is it like this.

The Cairn Terrier Breed is full of energy and vitality. It is very good with children, although it doesn’t like to be touched too much, this dog likes the field and the company. It doesn’t like being alone. It is a bit capricious, very smart and delicate, and also very active. As a hunter it enjoys going after little animals, like rodents, so it is better if you give it good socialization if you don’t want it to chase your hamster.

For its training I recommend you to follow the basic training of any dog, starting with setting some rules that you want your dog to follow. You are its owner, and not only that, you are its leader, and it wants to obey you but only if you really deserve it. And what do you need to do to be worth of it? It’s easy. You have to be firm and consequent with your acts, never give in with your pet’s exigencies be sure of yourself. Give it daily exercise, good food, firmness, and a lot of love: with this you will achieve it.

The Cairn Terrier Training isn’t complicated. Yes, it can be a bit difficult because this dog is too active and stubborn, but if you give it exercise and balanced food it will be capable of paying attention to your instructions. Teach your dog this things, be patient, and you will have the best dog of all.

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Mark Mendoza