Tips for Miniature Schnauzer Training

Schnauzer miniatura

 For Miniature Schnauzer Training we have to take into account, first at all, its not like their cousins: Medium and Giant Schnauzer. The miniature has many similarities to the Terrier, in his behavior; although they don’t have the same origins neither functions. We are facing a small animal with square proportions and a loving but also stubborn personality, something to keep in mind when you are training him.

The Miniature Schnauzer was born in the nineteenth century with the intention to create a new race as like his namesake, the Medium Schnauzer, but smaller. For this cross they used smaller specimens of which at that time was called Hard Hair Pinscher (which is, in essence, the old name of the schnauzer) with other small breeds as like Affenpincher. Thus originate this new race with the intention to be a small dog guard and a hunter of rodents, as they were the bigger ones. Therefore, for Miniature Schnauzer Training we must consider the intentionality of its origins: to hunt down those pesky critters as rats and rodents; and alert the owners of the proximity of an intruder.

So, we know that this dog is energetic nature, because as every hunter, it must be able to run and jump after their prey. We also know that it is a dog alert which will be notified of any sudden noise. These are details to consider when Miniature Schnauzer Training, for a dog which can easily lie down and bark and jump will have more difficulties to pay attention to something specific  and learn what we want to teach. So we must be patient. It will learn, of course, always if we act as its expected from a herd’s leader: we must confident, calmed and firm, without being soften by its tricks nor let it beat us with his stubbornness.

Never give in to a dog, and certainly never to a Miniature Schnauzer Training. As with many breeds, especially the most energetic and alert, tend to take advantages of the weakness to take the lead, and it is something we cannot allow. Oh, well if it jumps on the couch while you say no and ask for food until  you give him a bit, but what happens when it starts biting the furniture, smashing sneakers and attacking visits?

We must stop any aggressive to start to avoid dominance. We are the ones in charge, and period. You have to make him understand, and the only way is by showing our Miniature Schnauzer Training will do what we say, no more, no less. If he cannot get on the couch, stop and get it down, tell him “no” firmly until he understands, and reward him for not getting on Teach him to obey you,  let him know that’s right and you will generate well-being. Make him do a lot of exercise, too: a tired dog is more docile than a boundless energy packed one.

In summary, be firm and consistent. For Miniature Schnauzer Training you should never break down, or it will take it as a sign of weakness. Be the leader, be the alpha dog and you’ll have the best of all.


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