Pomeranian Training

pomeriania 2

This is a Toy dog type, in other words: it is one of  the smallest there. Although this, its not like a terrier, not too active nor it has large amounts of energy, it doesn’t bark frantically at anything or jumps or spins or wriggling everywhere, even though you can do Pomeranian Training as a guard dog .

The ancestors of this breed are in Iceland and Lapland, later called Wolfspitz; they were shepherds and guardians, and showed great loyalty and a certain amount of independence. Thanks to that the nobles they were interested in them and began crossing them with much more smaller dogs until they got a toy size dog, a Pomeranian that weighs no more than three kilos.

This breed has its origins in huskies and then shepherd functions. It is therefore intelligent, obedient and loyal, and not as active as it looks for its size. They are easy to train … provided it is done out of respect. A Pomeranian never tolerates abuse of power, and is something to keep in mind. Do not yell or hit or scare them.

Together with the Labrador, it can be very easy to train due to their loyal and obedient nature. You have to be firm, determined and consistent, but as with any dog ​​training. As the Pomeranian is exceptionally active, as with small dogs we do not need to give too much exercise … but neither let him become a sedentary!

If you follow my advice, Pomeranian Training can be a breeze. This is a dog with a great disposition and very loyal, so it will be a very simple task as long as you make sure to stay firm in training and never, I repeat, never try to overdo in your limits as alpha. Do not hit or yell or it will not forgive you.

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