How to Train your Dog in the most efficient way

how to train your dog

To know How to Train the Dog is vital to understand that you can not treat you pet as a child. It is not a human being: his instinct,nature and understanding are not human, and therefore  it cannot be treated like a person. It is true that for practical purposes ,it has been shown that the intelligence dog  is similar to a three year old, but that doesn’t mean that it should be treated as such.

Don’t be afraid, to know How to Train your Dog you don’t need long and boring information manuals. In fact, the information that you need is very little , and  basically it is what are basic needs of the dog and how to make up for them properly  to  get their attention and obedience. I assure you , it seems much worse than it is because of your own fear, but there is  nothing difficult about training a dog.

First at all, you must understand what stimulates dogs. Being a  herd animal it needs a family, closeness and relationships, and “this is very important” an order, a hierarchy. What this means that your dog needs a leader or he will become one.

Do you know what that means? Bad behaviours, barks, urine in every corner of the house,  objects bitten, aggression and dominance, Chaos! Naturally  you must be the leader, not your dog and the manner to be it is with the right attitude, nothing hard to reach.

There are many who forget the dogs need this, he needs the hierarchy, to be guided. People tend to indulge their pets healthy beyond, overfill them with whims and then they considered themselves as kings. Sure, it generates most of the bad behaviours How to control it? Easy, in essence you must follow three rules: Which are exercises “ your dog needs to consume energy, It really needs it!”; Discipline  “in essence, put your rules and NEVER let him get distracted from it, you have to be more stubborn than him, without yelling or getting aggressive”; and the Reward” reward him when he does something correct and he will repeat it”

How to Train your Dog, then, is basically understand their basic needs and make up for them. You have seen it: Family, Discipline, Exercise…  reward him when he does it right and he will want to repeat the behavior. Ignore anything you don’t like and he probably will stop  because he doesn’t report anything. See? It’s very simple. Now beginning to put in practise these tips and train your dog to be the best pet. You will not regret.

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