Australian Silky Terrier Training

Australian Silky Terrier

These little dog, also called Sidney Terrier by their place of origin, are amazingly similar to Yorkshire. This similarity is not by any chance, it is one of the breeds that originated the Australian Silky, so, although its bigger, his appearance and personality are very similar: like the yorkie; the Sidney is a dog full of energy is always moving, barking, running, jumping and spinning and running around everywhere.

Also it is not very docile, we may say… so, How do you do Australian Silky Terrier Training? We are faced to an animal that started to be a rodent hunter, but above all it is a loving and adorable companion animal. The dog becomes with its small size and excitable ways  into the a dog that everyone wants to pamper, but we can not  get carried away, there is nothing worse for the Australian Silky Terrier Training  to give every whim he ask us He has to earn it… and be irresistibly cute is not enough. Although it is difficult to say no to that lovely face  and those prances he does, think it is for the best.

The Australian Silky nature is frisky, very excitable and  a lot of energy. We must have in mind that at the time of Training: it means that because of a capricious personality and sometimes even dominant, we feel the need to be very strict with him, more than you would be with a dog more docile.

The Sidney Terrier will not allow you to hit or yell him, he will only accept a firm owner who is very confident and will never give up. You will see, if you decide that your dog will not get on the couch, you must never allow it. If he finds a small fissure, a small weakness, he will take advantage and become the master of the house and you must remember at all time tu are in charge. Otherwise, it will be a disaster dog.

In resume, What should you do? Australian Silky Terrier Training is not so different from training a Collie, a German Shepherd or a Bulldog, and certainly it is no different from a Yorkie.  Just make sure to be very firm and certain and above all: consequent. When it is like this, its like this every day at every hour. Do not let their adorable appearance make you say “Well, just this once time get on the couch”. Spoil your dog, but not too much, and certainly not when he asks for it: just when it deserves it. That’s how  you’ll get a perfectly balanced and polite Australian Silky.

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