Cane Corso

cane corsos

The breed of dogs Cane Corso finds its origin in the Canix Pugnax, one of the great  ancient Roman Molossus. During several time they were the Italian’s favorite guardians and protectors and later they were also used for hunt as like shepherds

The Cane Corso was found without a job in the industrialization. It doesn’t mean that the breed started to extinguish: their owners did it. If there were  a firearm; if people worked less on the field and more in the factory,  What good was a hunting dog or a shepherd dog?  In the 70 centuries these dogs were almost forgotten. They were saved  thanks to some particular people, Cane Corso lovers, that maintain them alive    until they found a new rise  as a companion dog.

This dog is suitable for a big amount of tasks, not obstant, not just as a home companion. It, as is logical, a great  tracking and hunter, like guardian  and as an alert dog… of course: always with the correct training that will allow us direct our dog.

Thanks to a very close relation with their owners, affective and loving personality, but  it is alert and wary  with strangers; its an animal that seems to have everything: a great companion, playful and loyal, but also it will protect the home and family with everything it  have if its necessary.

The Cane Corso  is an easy animal to train because it really desires to be useful and make his owner happy; with patient, determination and a praise system for good behavior, we will make the dog more docile and well behaved.

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