Dogs Needs

Dogs Needs

Dogs’ Needs, like human beings, but they are not the same. It is true that they are similar: we all need a roof, food and family… and socialization. This means a home, food, drink, safety and relationships. The dog needs all these things, but also two more, two needs that humans often don’t understand, don’t share and even unknown.

Some of the Dogs Needs are supplied by their owners. For example, food; we all love our dogs and  we want them  to be shiny and well feed. Right? Also a home,since we live with them and a family; in this case: their owners and visitors. But the other two basic needs of a dog  are usually not supplied, in most of the cases, in which I meet a dog with a bad behavior and it substantially improves when I indicate it to their owners.

The first need is exercise. The dog is an energetic animal, hunter by nature, who likes to run and move. It has a lot of energy inside, and if it doesn’t consume it the dog can show himself nervous, irritable, aggressive, dominant or destructive. Its incredible how many times I encounter hyperactive dogs because they don’t do enough exercise. You must take out your pet three times a day, a half an hour each time and if it still has energy to do mischief you have to propose games inside of the house or take longer walks Find the point of exhaustion of your dog and you will get substantially an improvement in his behavior.The other need is almost always forgotten is discipline. The human being associates discipline with unpleasant things: often with shouts, abuses and almost always a hit. For a dog, on the contrary, is absolutely not like that.


Discipline  means having a place in the family, a place that he likes, as your follower. If you have read correctly; your follower. The dog likes to be his owner follower,  but if this owner doesn’t show himself as a leader so the dog will take that position, its their nature. To avoid problems resulting from a lack of discipline , a capricious dog often aggressive or dominant, should adopt the attitude of an alpha dog and be the leader that your dog expects.

As you see, Dogs Needs are not a lot, but they must be completely supplied  for your pet to be healthy, happy and full. It’s not difficult, it’s not hard, you just to understand their accordingly acts and nature.

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