Bichon Maltese

bichon maltes

The Bichon Maltese originate from Mljet Island,  over 3000 year ago. In fact, the first references that we have of this breed are thanks to the Egyptians, since n the tombs of some  pharaohs it was found statues of a dog very similar to the Bichon Maltese. Aristotle also named them, although he called “canes malitenses”. This makes sure the oldest lapdog of our history.

The most remote Bichon Maltese ancestors probably lived in the ports of the  maritime cities around the Mediterranean, and its mission was to hunt rodents and small unwanted stowaways on vessels and warehouses. In fact its name “Maltese” comes from “Malat” which means “port”.

This dog  is excellent as a companion. The Bichon Maltese is clean, very smart, loving and lively, but not too active, something to consider in an animal of its size, so are a good choice for seniors. It is also protective of his home,  it doesn’t like intruders, and it will  try to chase them out, as it is an animal that doesn’t barks just because you can train as alarm dog.

The Bichon Maltese is perfect for a home with children, because they tend to be very understanding and tolerant, but  you mustn’t abuse: we must teach our children that dogs are not toys. They are very sweet and loving. Now, it is very sleepyhead:It spends all the time sleeping, if he can, near to its owner.

It may not need a lot of exercise, but the Bichon Maltese must have his daily walk, like any other dog, and even an apartment is enough for him, it prefers to spend time outdoors. We should also pay attention to their hair, which needs special care, and  at the moment that they get near to other dogs you have to be very cautious: they are not very friendly with other dogs.

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