Belgian Sheepdog

belgian sheedog

The Belgian Sheepdog it is a breed that contains  five  major branches in itself, so we have five classes of Belgian Sheepdogs clearly differentiated by their appearance: Groenendael, Laekenois, Tervueren, Malinois and Drako. In spite of this, as standard are accepted all within the same breed, and their training is basically the same, as their temperament and personality  vary a bit.

The Belgian Sheepdog himself finds its origins in , of course, Belgium. In the nineteenth century there were a great amount of sheepdogs without an exact breed, whose temper was very similar , as their skills, but not his appearance, which was varied.  At that time a group of “cinografos” emerged who decided to put in order and in 1892 it was established the standard which allowed three kind of coat.

The Belgian Sheepdog is an animal full of energy and always ready to take action. It is nervous, attentive, alert and very moved which could lead us to think that it is hard to train… Well, that is wrong. Maybe it’s an animal frantic and eager to run and do things, but one of his greatest desires is to obey and please their owner, which makes their training much easier than you would expect for the amount of energy that he shows.

To train properly, you first have to consume that energy, without any doubt. Lots of exercise, long walks and strenuous games are good choices. In fact, make it do race courses as part of the game is a good idea, just keep it always active searching for things or performing tasks, but, of course, that is when I have taught him to obey.It’s not hard,after you tired him train him, ten minutes each day, teach it commands you want him to learn: to come to your call, to pick up the ball… In the daily teach him where to do their things,  when to eat, to not bark or  jump on people… it is not complicated, it is a dog very desirous to please you.

As for other Belgian  Sheepdog care, there are varieties that need special care because of their fur  because it is so long and thin, as like the Tervueren or Groenendael. We must prevent hip dysplasia, which can affect these dogs, but it hasn’t any other specific health problems. In conclusion, the Belgian Sheepdog is a great companion for people who enjoy exercise and outdoors.

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