Chow Chow



The Chow Chow, is famous because its curious blue tongue (which incidentally peculiarity shared with the Shar Pei), is origin from China, and while there are sculptures of the second century BC; it has been found fossils that ensure that these dogs lived long before.

For  centuries the Chow Chow was used as a companion dog, but also as soldier in the war and as a watch dog. It has been considered for centuries as a sacred animal, worshiped and revered in temples.Although curiously it is also very prized for its meat even today it is considered as a culinary delicacy. In the nineteenth the Chow Chow was taken to England. There its fame rapidly grew  and even  became the favorite of Queen Victoria. In 1894 they joined to the English Kennel Club as an official breed.

In fact, it is a very loyal dog to its owner and its is very hard to him to change its owner. Is is affectionate with his family and those he knows, but very wary of strangers so don’t take it personal if he shows himself distant and shy with visitors. Because of his great love for his owners it is an easy dog to train, especially with the rewards system.

The Chow Chow in general it is a very friendly dog if he socialized and treated correctly, although he is not very active. Its good in apartments because it can be very vague, but now, you have to encourage him to do exercise! Also it is very clean, and you don’t have to bathe him very often, but it is suitable to brush his dead hair daily.

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