Training Dogs: Some Exercises to Train them Correctly



Training a canine is a wide discipline, full of aspects and between theses aspects we will find , for example: attitudes, habits, rules, and also exercises. Everything is important, the way you have to act with your dog to be his leader, the rules you establish for a better coexistence, and also without a doubt and  Dogs’ Training Exercise that you accomplish to improve his education.

Dogs’ Training Exercise is an important part of the canine education. I don’t refer to the exercise in itself, but the consume of energy which is a basic part at the hour you train your pets, if not  a series of activities are positive at the hour you educate them, for example:

1.   Go and play ball with your dog. Throw it a few times and he brings it to you, enjoy the game a few minutes. Then, in one of the times you throw the ball when he goes to get it order him to stop. Say it firmly; for this, you have to have taught him the command, of course, so when he stops and looks at you you must profusely praise him. With this exercise you will reinforce the  control and obedience of your dog, allowing you to save  him from an accident, for example: being able to stop him in time.

2.  Serve your dog’s food, but when you serve it command him to sit and wait (for this, of course, you have to teach him these commands). The idea is to wait five to 10 seconds before you allow him to eat. This way you will reinforce his patience and his complete obedience to you, assuring that in a moment of great temptation he will do what you command.

These are only some examples of Dogs Training Exercises. You can find or better devise many. Every activity that reinforces obedience and improves your dog’s responses will serve for the purpose.

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