French Mastiff Training

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We are facing a breed not very known, it is called “French Mastiff” due to its origin, and considered very dangerous in many places. As I always say, there are no dangerous breed, but there are irresponsibles owners. French Mastiff Training will show that these dogs are very loyal and dociles, if always their needs are supplied properly. This happens with all breeds, from the French Mastiff to the  little Chihuahua.

The origin of this breed is found in France, as its name suggests, to be more specifically in the age where the Celtics used them to protect their treasures and also as hunters.

In the Middle Ages there were two types of French Mastiffs, one who hunted big animals, as bulls and bears; and others that guarded butcher’s shop. This breed was considered extinct until the nineteenth century where they began to grow again. This information tells us  to French Mastiff Training  must take in count its great desire to work and incredible energy.

The French Mastiff is a natural balanced dog, loving, and devoted to his family, although wary with strangers. like the Neapolitan Mastiff, it is charming with children even though the ideal would be  to teach him not to play too hard with them: they could hurt them without wanting it, well it is a powerful dog. Training it correctly we will get a suitable dog for home, a great guardian for the family and a tireless playmate.

So how should we do it?  The French Mastiff responds very well to training, especially to the positive. It is anxious to please his owner, so that guiding him a bit we can get a fast and satisfactory traineeship. In essence it’s about putting rules which your dog can abide, constant and safe rules. He must do exercise, enough to consume his incredible amount of energy, and so you will avoid compulsive habits as biting furniture  or whining without a reason. Daily ten minutes training, training him tricks and praising him for his good behaviour it should be enough to establish your territory and achieve a laudable training.

The French Mastiff Training is not really much different than any other dog train. The needs are the same: shelter, adequate food, routine, exercise and discipline. Be the leader he needs; be firm, consistent and confident; and your French Dogo will be the perfect dog.

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