Doberman Training: Discover the real personality of the Doberman

Photo by: Hollud

For sure, you’ll have heard lots of accusations against this dog breed, they treat the Doberman as an aggressive dog that would attack everyone who had near, and that is aggressive with every single living beings, including little children, and that are easy to provoke. Today I’m going to tell you that all these are just rumors that have been spread and that are completely false.

We are in front of a dog that is very faithful to its owner, its unique objective is to make its owner happy, its capacity to obey is huge, and it is one of the most obedient dogs that we can see. The adoration for its owner is so big that they want to be all the time with him and all this should give us the facility and advantage to give him a correct Doberman Training, because they are really disposed to obey to everything that we say to them.

Kids won’t be really a problem, but you have to be careful and it is better that it is a female because they are more patient with the little ones, but a male with a good training won’t cause problems either. For a Doberman to get used to the child we need to let the dog sleep with a piece of clothing of the child that smells like him and make the children understand that they can’t abuse from the dog, to don’t provoke him.

As I mentioned it is a very obedient dog, and if we train him to not eat until we tell him, it would even start just to obey us. ¡Imagine what this dog is capable to do for us!

And now it’s when you ask yourself, ¿why people think this is an aggressive dog if the Doberman is such a good and obedient dog? It is very simple; you can train a dog to be innocent or aggressive with the others, with training. Absolutely all the behavior of the Doberman will depend exclusively on us. Be careful with everything your Doberman Training him and you will have the most faithful and obedient dog in the world.

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