Spanish Bulldog Training


Steps for Spanish Bulldog Training:

Everything has a beginning and to do a Spanish Bulldog Training we must start by knowing the breed itself before we decide choosing it. And I will start saying that besides this animal appearance it is not aggressive at all; at least not due to its nature, its true that their appearance may give the impression that its not the most docile of dogs and it might be aggressive, but thats a mistake, they are obedient, tender and loyal; well they usually say… appearances can be deceiving and this is a clear example of it.

We have to admit that it is restless, but its normal, in the past they  worked as hunting dogs and its logical that it is, but if we achieve a correct  Spanish Bulldog Training we will enjoy of a family watchdog, asl the house and even useful as a shepherding, it has a lot of roles!  Besides its very intelligent so that will give us a lot of simplicity when we train it so it will absorb like as a sponge everything  we will teach as long as we act like we have to, it is to be the leader every moment; a firm, confident and calm leader.

What we must keep in mind is that we must never overlook anything since we have a strong  strong temperament, alert and energetic could take your role as a leader in a moment of weakness and we cannot allow ourselves to lose this leading position as this is vital to train a Spanish Bulldog, we can not give up. It might sound strict that way, but we cannot  be because it could start ordering or commanding small things and it will end up  being  a disaster as biting furniture or destroying cushions and it might then become aggressive (not necessarily, but it could happen) since you have lost your power of leadership and  it would have the control.

The first thing to do to avoid this possible aggressivity is to not allowing it to take away your leader position. This is your role, just yours.  So we have to make it understand and know that things will be done your way and not its; if it is not allow to get into a place you have to take it down from there and say “no” loud and clear  until it will eventually ends up understanding if something is not done so its not done, besides you have to make the rules be always  the same, you cannot allow one day do something “for pity”  and the next day not allowing it; you must be constanta and above all consistent with whatever we do.

And finally just saying that Spanish Bulldog Training you must exercise it a lot,  so it can be calm and it may be easier to control it and to train it correctly, without any kind of hyperactivity or sign to take your leadership, be firm constant and above all consistent with what you do, never give up to it and make it know that it is who must obey you and you are in charge or else it will take advantage of it; if you do it right you will have a great  and wonderful dog with you.

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