Clicker Training

clicker trainingClicker Training it is a type of training which is based on the positive reinforcement that is to say that it is praised the dog’s’ good behavior instead of punishing it for its bad behavior.  A dog will be leaning more to do this where it can win something, things as simple as a canine treat or even some petting; it is in its nature to repeat behaviors which brings comfort, and comfort for it means  that you are proud and happy.

How does the Clicker Training works? The dynamic is easy. Its about when your dog  does something good , when you train it to sit or to come when it is called,  it emits a sound which it will relate to “well done and now comes the praise.” As a general rule we use the so-called “clicker”, which is just a box, usually made of plastic with a button; you press the button and it emits a sound  “clic”. Which is a sign of reward. No need to be an actual clicker, you can make one yourself or use a word instead of a clic, for example: “good” is often very used.

Well, and how does the dog react with the sound of reward? This is the first part of the Clicker Training, and what your pet likes most! You have to make a click (or make a sound or word you have chosen, as long as it is always the same one) and give it a treat. You click and you pet it. You click and you give it another treat. Repeat it several times: click and immediately give a praise. In this way it will react to the sound with a praise and when it hears it, it will be waiting.

When you get to this point some ask me why is this necessary? Why can’t we give a treat directly to the dog if it has done well? Ah! Put in this case : you are training to sit. Finally, it sits at your command and you, happily goes and pick a treat. Then it gets up and you give it the treat. you are not praising the sit behavior at your command but you are praising the action of getting up. On the other hand, with the clicker  (or any word you have chosen of this purpose), the dog sits, you click and  and you are free to get a treat and it doesn’t matter if it gets up because it relates the  sound that precedes the praise with the action to sit at your command and not another thing, as is a dog who fears his owner, something very common in the negative training.

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