Berger Picard Training

berger picard

To have an exemplary behavior and be the best companion before we must know its natural temperament  at the moment of a Berger Picard Training.  In this area, we are faced before an intelligent, loving and calm dog,  a great shepherd, watchdog and also very good with kids. It likes to be with its family  and it doesn’t goes along with the loneliness and neither idleness.

To Berger Picard Training, first ,you have to understand it, of course. It is an animal of great energy, so it needs a lot of energy and stimulates. For example: long walks, plenty of games, chase the ball,bring the stick,… it is good to encourage it to move a lot, run agility circuits through the house; with the proper exercise and a bit of discipline we can train it correctly and redirect also any bad habit it may have.

The Berger Picard does not respond to aggressive training,  like almost any dog; if you try to  abuse with the power you have by hitting, shouting and threatening it;  it will stop responding properly, it will dissuade and every time  it will be harder to train it anything. The best thing you can do to train it is to praise it for good behavior, be consequent and never shout or hit it.

To have a balance and healthy  Berger Picard you have to have in mind its care. it need long, rough and thick hair, although of its appearance, a special care, brushing at least three times per week. The bath is good every three months, but if it gets really dirty you can bath it once a month, and the food must be balanced, proper for its size and weight.

These are usually healthy dogs, although it has  the simplicity to suffer  hip and elbow dysplasia so you must be careful; with this information it will be easier the Berger Picard Training  without a hitch, its enough if you have in mind its natural temperament and you behave as like a leader of a herd, being firm, certain and consequent.



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