Know How to Train a Dog

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To know how to train a dog, to achieve the desirable best behavior with our canine friends, you must understand some things about it, its nature, its instinct and the way of thinking. Although we like to see them as children they are not humans, they have their own mind, a mind that we must understand if we want to understand how to train them correctly. and that is why I have written this article, where i wish to  show you some of the basis of the mental functions of our canine friends.

This dog is a hierarchic and hunting animal, in its origins. It means that it needs a herd, a family and each member has its place. In our case we need a hierarchic very simple: a leader (you) and its follower (your dog). Regarding to the hunting, it doesn’t mean that you have to take it hunting every week, but we have to spend the great amount of energy that it has as a hunter. And how should you do this? with exercise. This is how it works, these are the needs that you must know to be able to Train a Dog.

As you now know more immediate basis, exercise and hierarchic, it is the time you find out how to use this knowledgement to train your dog. First, exercise is basic, if your dog has too many accumulated energy it will cost much more for it to accept your leadership and guidance, and you need it to do it so you can teach it the rules and good behavior. So the most important thing now is to tire out your dog. Take it out every day, half an hour three times a day, so it wears down its energy. if it still not enough and it shows hyperactivity or nervousness, make the walks longer or plan games  at home, like tracking objects or fetch the ball, although for this you have to train it which are the games rules and for that the following basis: discipline.

The discipline is another great base to train a dog in the most correctly way. This about  teaching that you are in charge. How to do it? The best way is to put firm and set rules, which must be consistent and assure you make it obey you. It is very important that it doesn’t matter how many times your dog tries to disobey you, you have to force it to do it. If it doesn’t want to come, calle it, attract however it takes, but it has to come. Praise for its good behavior when he come at your call, give it treats o petting. The important is that it knows what bring it benefits (praises) and  what brings it ignorance (any bad habit)

Train a dog is not a complicated task.You need patience, dedicate daily ten minutes for you pets training and give  it the enough exercise so it is not overexcited and  it may be able to put attention. Replace these needs, give it all your love and you will have a very docile and well behaved dog.


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