The Correct Dog Training

the correct dog training

The Dog Training exists a long time ago, although not always it it had this name. at the beginning of the between a human and a dog probably the name training did not exist, but  they followed the natural dog training basis perhaps better than it currently does.

The Dog Training obey to a set of basis that supplies the needs of our friends the dogs. As any individual the dog has its needs and they must be supplied not only to survive, but also to coexist. We must understand that the dog has it own way of thinking, feeling and acting; it is an animal that follows its still has deeply rooted instinct over time. It is a hunter, a hierarchic animal with very concrete needs . And what are they?

First, naturally, a dog needs food and shelter. These are vital needs of any living being: food and a roof over their heads. Also there is the need of exercise, it is a animal full of energy because of its origins like a wolf it is a hunter, and it must use a good part of its strength to avoid nervous or compulsive behavior. The last need of a dog and the most forgotten one is the discipline; in fact to train  canines you must understand that it needs a guide and that guidance is based on discipline.

To discipline a dog you don’t have to shout or hit, you should not show yourself aggressively neither threatening. In fact all these things can end up being counter-productive. in the animal kingdom the apha is not apha  from how much it can intimidate, its alpha  due to its confidence and calmness, the attitude of somebody that knows  that it will be done as it wishes and will not allow reply neither deviation. You are that alpha, that leader: you just have to be confident and firmness.Its really easy, let your dog know that there will be no possible  replies. If you don’t want it on the couch, always stop it, ALWAYS when it tries to. if you want it by your side insist until it does it, do not give in even it gets stubborn.

The Dog Training is not complicated, in fact it is based on the attitude. Tools may be handy but the most important is you to know what you have to do, and you do it. A consistent, confident and firm behavior will be your best trick to train your dog in the best way: converting it into a full and happy pet.

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